Mobile App Development Plan

“Where is your mobile app development plan and who are your mobile app development partners?”1

Today, company websites are as common as business cards. No business could conceive of the circumstances that would justify the abandonment of the company’s website. Websites, internal and external, have become an integral part of how employees and consumers interact with all business. Do you know that’s changing? Given that global mobile data traffic in 2011 is over 8x greater than the total global internet traffic in 2000 and by the end of 2012, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth2, it’s not so far off when mobile apps will drive more business than your website. What’s your mobile app development plan? The answer starts with Visionaire Mobility™.

“Mobile Apps are just a Fad”

Ask Domino PizzaTM if mobile applications are a fad. A recent mobile app case study shows, using a simple menu and ordering mobile app for iPhone™, Domino’s™ drove $2M in additional sales to their Australian stores within 3 months and expects 50% of their sales to come from mobile applications within the next three years3. Consider these statistics4 (through 2016):

  • Mobile data traffic growing at 129% per year
  • Smart phone sales growing at 58% per year
  • Tablet use growing at 50% per year5
  • Laptop use growing at 17% with associated mobile data traffic growing at 48% per year

Mobile apps are no fad. Mobile apps are the foundation of the new cybernetic era6 where individuals expect their information systems to always be present and accessible. Mobile apps are an evolutionary change from the “World Wide Web” (W3) to the “Always Available No Matter Where You Are World Wide Web.” All the reasons your company has a website, apply to developing a mobile app. Just ask Blackberry™ maker Research in Motion (RIM) if mobile apps are just a fad7.

“You open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.”8

With an iPhone iOS™ . Android™ or the newest Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0) mobile app development, every mobile device in the world is just a couple of touches away from your website, blog presence or the next sales order. Your employees are freed from the office to use company resources in the field where the customers are. Building close relationships with your customers, who are only a touch away from your company, has never been easier than through the development of high quality mobile applications.

Web App, Native App or Hybrid App: Visionaire Mobility™ is the ideal Technology Partner

Founded in 2000, Visionaire Mobility™ began at the dawn of the mobile app revolution and has the experience and knowledge to create mobile applications for all types of mobile devices on either Apple iOS™ or Android™ operating systems. If you are not fluent in Enterprise Application Management (EAM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM), or how your Mobile App Development (MAP) plan will affect your employees, your company and your customers, you need to talk to Visionaire MobilityTM. Whether you want cloud based, HTML5, web-served mobile application, a native on-device app or a combination of all of the above and more, we’ve got the expertise to develop high quality mobile apps based on your business needs.

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